Spa Etiquette Policy


Arriving early allows you extra time to complete a consultation form, change ready for your treatment and address any concerns you might have with your therapist before your treatment begins.
Arriving late might mean that you miss out on experiencing your whole treatment time, which due to other appointments, might have to end earlier than we would like.


Taking a call, listening to music and playing games, (yes it does happen), kills off the tranquillity we are trying to help you achieve. Switching your phone onto silent or vibrate will help limit distractions, which is an important part of the relaxation experience.


Please ensure you bring underwear or swimming shorts/bikini with you to your appointment. You will be asked to get undressed leaving on your underwear and get underneath the sheet/towel on the bed. Women can remove their bras if they wish.
We do not offer undraped appointments, though some therapists are happy for clients to remove their underwear underneath the towel, this is down to the therapist’s personal choice and should always be respected.


Other clients may be in the spa at the time of your treatment, so we ask that you remain respectful and keep speaking quiet as to not interrupt their treatments.
Some clients may wish to speak to their therapist throughout the treatment which is fine, but shouting, laughing and bad language are a no-no and can ruin the atmosphere for other clients.


Massage therapists thrive when given feedback. Please speak to your therapist through the treatment should you wish to have more or less pressure or have an area that you would like to focus on.
We always want our clients to have the best experience possible and it is important to tell your therapist how you are feeling during the treatment to allow the therapist to adapt the treatment to suit you better.


Place used robes, towels and flip-flops in the appropriate containers, or on top of beds rather than leaving them in a pile on the floor. If you’ve left a big clump of hair in the shower drain or have used tissues or rubbish, throw them in the trash please.


Spas are places of quiet, calm and relaxation. Asking to bring in a young child in can put the staff in an uncomfortable position and lead to complaints from the other clients. A spa is not the right atmosphere for a young child who would generally be happier running around and playing.
We can offer massage for children under 16 with a parent present in the room, and this is the only occasion when a child should be inside the spa.


We offer professional treatments only and do not offer ‘extra services’, please do not ask verbally or proposition your therapist for ‘extras’ while you are alone in the room. Doing so can cause embarrassment to both parties and distress to the therapist causing the treatment to come to an end if the therapist feels like you are acting inappropriately.
For more information, please see our Sexual Harassment Towards Staff Policy.

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How to find us

Directions from the South

From the A38 heading north towards Derby, take the exit for the A516 and head north-east on Burton Road towards Findern Lane. Take the Take A38 to A516 in Derby. Take the exit for A516 from A38 4 min (3.8 miles) Take the A516 exit towards M1 South/Derby/Nottingham and Continue on A516. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Uttoxeter New Rd/A516 and follow for 2 miles.

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Mercian Way/A601 Inner ring road, Melbourne(A514), Loughboro'(A6), Station

At the next roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Babington lane.

The Spa will be on your left.